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1986 Graduate of Architecture Studies
1990 Graduate of photography studies at Hadassah College in Jerusalem
2021 Certified travel guide abroad
Photographer and photography teacher.


1990-2005 Photojournalist in the newspaper systems of the Schocken network: "Hadashot", "Haaretz", "Tzomet Hasharon".

At the same time, doing portraits and invited articles for other newspapers and magazines, in Israel and abroad.

Independent photographer, specializes in portrait photography, documentation of architectural projects and interior design, documentation of activities of associations and organizations for advertising and fundraising purposes, public relations photography and image for private companies.

Exhibits in group exhibitions dealing with journalistic documentary photography and street photography.

Curator and producer of exhibitions for photography clubs.

Since 1991, principal of a Boutique private photography school and teaching photography

A lecturer in photography clubs and producer of guided photo tours in Israel and abroad.

Since 2001, the founder and director of the "Btzalmeno" Photography Club

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